Via Corriera, 1
48010 Cotignola (RA)
Emilia-Romagna - Italy

Maria Cecilia Hospital was founded in the early ‘70s as the first hospital of the Group. Today it is the most important of all the GVM Care&Research healthcare facilities.
It distinguished itself right away for its orientation towards High Specialty and diagnostic and interventional complexity, asserting itself today as one of the main centres in Italy.

The Hospital is characterised in particular by:

  • 2500 sq m dedicated to intensive care and just as many for the new operating block, which also includes a structured “hybrid” room for the combined work of cardiac surgeons and cardiologists specialising in haemodynamics in special procedures, and another, neurosurgical, set up to become “hybrid” with the installation of the MRI or of the PET-CT. These 5000 sq m, inaugurated in 2014, are the fruit of the two-year long work carried out by intensive care doctors, specialists in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, interventional cardiology and architects.
  • The Arrhythmology and Electrophysiology Laboratory was the first in Italy to implant a wireless pacemaker and one of the 14 centres in the world to test this device.
  • the Gamma Knife for the treatment of brain lesions smaller than 3 cm in diameter makes it possible to avoid using a scalpel through the targeted administration of Gamma rays
  • the advanced centre for the treatment of the diabetic foot, directed by Prof. Dalla Paola
  • state-of-the-art linear accelerators for radiation therapy
  • Collaboration with national universities:
    - It follows research projects with the Thoracic Surgery Unit of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bologna.
    - since 2007 it has been an educational centre for the Degree Course in Nursing of the University of Bologna
    - it is the site of the University Master’s in Nursing Management for the coordination functions of Sacro Cuore Catholic University in Rome, with which GVM Care & Research is developing profitable collaborations over the entire national territory.

The Speciality Doctors

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