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Post COVID-19 rehabilitation - GVM International
The post-COVID rehabilitation clinic provides assistance and support to patients who, after contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus, require specific services, with a clinical process and rehabilitation activities that are highly targeted.
At the out-patient clinic, it is possible to undergo specific tests for assessment of respiratory capacity and to undertake respiratory re-education activities, with exercises aimed at increasing lung capacity compromised by the disease. Through the follow-up visits, the patient can keep the symptoms under control. In many cases, these persist even after recovery from COVID and can cause daily inconvenience and worries for the patient. 

Post-COVID syndrome

As recognised by the World Health Organization, COVID symptoms can occur even after complete recovery. Especially for patients with long COVID, there are widespread findings of decreased lung capacity, tiredness and exhaustion, headache or bone aches. These are symptoms which, besides creating physical discomfort for the patient, can also create worry and fear. Also for this reason, the activity at the out-patient clinic proves to be extremely important, as it reassures the patient about their state of health. 

Services performed

The post-COVID rehabilitation service is aimed at all patients who have contracted the virus, whether they have previously been admitted as in-patients (and have been discharged for at least 30 days), or have undergone home-based treatment. 
At the out-patient clinic, the patient will undergo the following tests:
  • medical evaluation
  • blood gas tests
  • thoracic ultrasound, with particular attention to the condition of the lung and vena cava.
During the visit to the out-patient clinic, the patient's general health is also checked, paying particular attention to the patient's respiratory capacity and tolerability to the basic exercises indicated. 
Based on the results of these evaluations, the doctor indicates a series of respiratory exercises, from basic to more advanced. Based on the level of difficulty, these activities can be carried out independently by the patient at their home, sometimes with the aid of specific equipment provided, where necessary, by the clinic itself, or at functional physiotherapy rehabilitation centres.

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