Hybrid operating room

By the term “hybrid or multifunctional operating room“, we mean an operating facility with high technological content where the multifunctionality, obtained through appropriate choices in both the structural, systems and technical areas, and in the configurations adopted allows it to be used in an efficient and effective multidisciplinary manner. Both diagnostic and surgical procedures are performed here, making it possible to do away with certain limits linked to the disciplines and medical treatments, fostering the concept of inter-departmental integration
The new hybrid room at Maria Cecilia Hospital applies this concept in the context of cardiac surgery and vascular surgery and is the first installation in Italy that envisages the presence of robotic angiography equipment combined with an operating table.

Through the use of new non-endovascular methods, it is not only possible to reduce the risks connected with more invasive traditional surgery, but it is possible to operate on elderly patients previously considered “inoperable”. This means having new therapeutic options available that are safer for the patient and more effective from the treatment perspective. For example, the normal procedure for installing a vascular stent consisted of operating on the patient in an angiographic room, on an angiographic (not operating) table and very often without the technological equipment available in an operating room. In case of complications arising from the operation, the patient had to be urgently moved from the angiographic room to the operating ward with consequent high levels of criticality for the patient. A series of procedures also exist that can only be performed with close cooperation between surgical and interventional cardiology teams, for example the more and more widespread TAVI interventions (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation, aortic endovascular prosthesis) or the combined coronary stent implantation and surgical by-pass operations. All of this can now be performed safely and effectively in the new hybrid room at Maria Cecilia Hospital.

The radiological equipment used in the hybrid operating room in Cotignola employs an innovative one of a kind robotic technology, which represents the best in technological development in this field. Thanks to robotic technology, specifically studied for use in hybrid operating rooms, it is possible to meet all the requirements of a modern operating room, in terms of maximum flexibility and precision, with high image quality achieved with minimum radiation delivered to the patient.

Furthermore, coupled with robotic technology, all the tools of real-time three-dimensional reconstruction are used in order to allow the maximum accuracy available today for the insertion of medical devices and for the treatment of serious pathologies with mini-invasive techniques.

In this way the patient is offered the highest possible degree of safety.

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