Ultrasound investigation is often decisive in the diagnosis process as it allows effective analysis of a large part of the human body; for this reason the GVM Care & Research facilities house high performance, completely digital 2D, 3D and 4D systems, equipped with new and advanced technological solutions, ergonomics, automation and quantification.

An ultrasound is an instrumental exam that relies on the use of sound waves (ultrasounds) to supply images of the internal organs, with the advantage of being absolutely non-invasive and harmless for the patient. 

This method is used in several areas, including the vascular field for the study of the venous and arterial regions: with the Echo-Colour-Doppler it is possible to identify significant circulatory diseases, defining the characteristics of a lesion with precision.

Thanks to technological developments, the most advanced echocardiography instruments, like the 4D echograph at Maria Cecilia Hospital, make it possible to reconstruct the entire cardiac muscle three-dimensionally and to study its behaviour in-depth. In this way the medical sonographer will have available all the clinical information needed to make a correct diagnosis, improving the quality of life of both adult and paediatric patients.

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