Dual Source Multi-slice CT

Computerised Axial Tomography makes it possible to reproduce cross-sectional images of the body structures through the use of ionising beams that pass through the body. It can be used for any part of the body: from the cranium to the chest to the abdomen, making it possible to study in detail and at the same time skeleton, soft tissues, parenchymas and blood vessels.

The main feature of the Dual Source Multi-slice CT is its versatility and high performance in any clinical application thanks to the exclusive Dual Source technology. By Dual Source technology we mean the possibility of being able to acquire diagnostic images at high acquisition speed (458 mm/sec) owing to the presence of 2 tube/detector systems inside the same "gantry" - the hole through which the patient’s body is inserted. Traditional CT scanners typically have just one tube system. 

There are multiple advantages to acquiring and performing examinations with such acquisition speeds while maintaining excellent image quality; they can be summed up as follows:
  • Drastically reduced acquisition times during each examination;
  • Reduction in the dose given to the patient of over 50% compared to conventional technology systems;
  • Possibility of performing examinations in under one second at low dose (chest/heart/angio)
  • Possibility of examining uncooperative patients (paediatric/polytraumatised/elderly) without any type of sedation.
  • Possibility of performing Dual Energy scans for better tissue typing.
  • Cardiovascular examinations in patients in any clinical condition especially in terms of heart rate (a cardiac exam of the coronary arteries lasts, in terms of acquisition times, around 200 msec)

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