Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery

In the Cardiac Surgery field, GVM Care & Research is reference point at the international level with over 6.333 cases treated in 2014, of which 5.592 in Italy - where it is the top operator in terms of number of operations*.

Detailing the types of cases treated, still in 2014, GVM’s cardiac surgery department performed almost 3.017 heart valve operations, 1.627 aortocoronary by-pass operations and almost 1,000 different types of operations, in Italy, in addition to the more than 700 operations performed in foreign clinics.

But it is owing above all to the use of highly innovative procedures and state-of-the art diagnostic instruments that the Group has come to the attention of the medical-scientific community.
As a matter of fact, mini-invasive surgery - without opening the sternum - is routine practice at GVM facilities and it is aimed at resolving numerous pathologies with the least possible psychophysical trauma for the patient, as well as facilitating faster recovery. 

Coordinator of GVM’s Cardiac Surgery Department, Prof. Giuseppe Speziale, among the most important Italian specialists in the field of minimally invasive mitral valve surgery.

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