Terme di Castrocaro

Exclusive division situated in the heart of Romagna, in the relaxing atmosphere of the countryside between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines, along with the Spa it includes two prestigious wellness centres, the Grand Hotel Terme & SPA and the Wellness Clinic.

The history of the Terme di Castrocaro Complex began in the mid XIX century. However, a decisive push towards the full development of the important local spa resources occurred in 1936, with the construction of the three buildings.

Thus the Grand Hotel Terme & SPA, inaugurated in 1938, came into being. Refinement and elegance have always been distinctive qualities of the facility which, thanks to extensive renovation, today offers the most modern comfort in an atmosphere brimming with Liberty and Art Deco charm.

The water and muds of Castrocaro
The ancient salso-bromo-iodic and sulphurous spring waters of Castrocaro and the mud which is allowed to age for no fewer than 9 months before application have been used since 1838 for their preventive and curative properties, with beneficial effects for adults and children alike. All the heritage, tradition and experience of the Castrocaro springs is here, where learning and respect for the curative mechanisms of water merge with constant technological innovation and the high degree of professionalism of doctors and staff.
The Wellness Clinic
An innovative proposal dedicated to prevention in its most organic and complete meaning arising from the union of GVM’s health know-how with the spa and wellness expertise of Terme di Castrocaro.
Two programmes organised as follows:

Long Life Formula, an innovative scientific method aimed at improving quality of life and longevity via the early detection and correction of risk factors. A complete wellness path, from health evaluation to physical and mental wellness programmes for improving your life, today and in the future.

Long Life Voice dedicated to the well-being and care of all aspects of your voice. It envisages the planning of a correct lifestyle and targeted therapies that enhance the expressiveness and use of the voice of both professionals and non-professionals alike.

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