About us

GVM Care&Research is one of the main Italian groups operating in the health field.

Its areas of activity range from medical services, to medical-scientific research and training, but also the biomedical, food and spa wellness industry, always with the goal of promoting quality of life.

The heart of the group, founded in 1973 by the President, Ettore Sansavini, is the integrated network of High Specialty Hospitals, Polyclinics and Day Surgeries with private Health Clinic: a network of facilities and professional expertise that involves several Italian regions and also extends abroad.

Since its beginning, GVM has stood out due to the high specialisation of the over 30 facilities (in Italy: 22 hospitals, 4 outpatient clinics, 1 RSA and 1 RA; Abroad - France, Poland, Albania: 8 clinical centres), in particular in the areas of Cardiac Surgery,Endovascular/Haemodynamic Interventional CardiologyCardiac ElectrophysiologyVascular Surgery and Thoracic Surgery, but also Neurosurgery (both of the Central Nervous System and of the Peripheral/Spinal Nervous System), Orthopaedic Surgery (including Prosthetic), and Oncology (including Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy).

Minimally invasive surgical techniques and innovative percutaneous surgery approaches are available in all these areas.

In the field of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), GVM is currently the top operator in Italy, with approximately 1 person out of 6 treated by its doctors; it is among the main European groups involved in the diagnosis and treatment of this type of disease.

GVM is also one of the most advanced networks for innovative medical and diagnostic technologies, with over 100 operating rooms30 haemodynamic rooms and approximately 60 between CAT, PET-CT and MRI in use.

Among these it is undoubtedly relevant to recall those available at the:
  • cardiac electrophysiology and interventional cardiology centre, the Gamma-Knife room and the advanced diagnostic and surgical centre for the treatment of diabetic foot at Maria Cecilia Hospital in Ravenna,
  • specialised centre for cardiothoracic-vascular surgery of the ICC - Istituto Clinico Cardiologico in Rome,
  • several state-of-the-art linear accelerators for radiation therapy (Maria Cecilia Hospital in Ravenna and Città di Lecce Hospital),
  • 3D-CT Aquilon One system (640 slices) at Clinica Privata Villalba, in Bologna, - SIRIO navigator, state-of-the-art medical guidance system for advanced diagnosis and percutaneous surgery at Anthea Hospital in Bari.

Those who come in contact with the GVM facilities undertake a path in which the quality of the healthcare and the professionalism of the operators are combined with the technological innovation and comfort of the settings.

GVM International Business Unit

Owing to its global reputation and to its widespread presence in Italy and in several European countries, GVM attracts more and more patients each year from all over the world as well as foreign institutions.

Thus the International Business Unit was born: the GVM division created with the purpose of managing all phases of the relationship with international patients in a consistent and organised way, from the initial contact until after their return to their country. 

GVM’s International Business Unit is active in the organisation of an all-round high quality service which, if necessary, can includepersonal assistanttranslation-interpretingmanagement of hotel and travel requirements, and much more, all completely personalised according to patient needs.

Eight hospitals have been selected to welcome foreign patients, each of which stands out due to the excellence of the health services and technological equipment and to the presence of internationally renowned professionals.

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