Private Rooms Area

Maria Cecilia Hospital offers 11 suites in the Private Rooms Area for those patients who wish to enjoy premium comfort and services while they have to be in hospital recovering. Nine are dedicated to recovery and hospital stay, and there are other 2 for patients choosing the Long Life Formula Check-Up option.

Hospital Stay Suites
Each suite consists of a room for the patient, lounge and bathroom, and has been designed caring for the littlest details to meet patients’ needs. Modern in design and featuring automation systems, the rooms also have wide glass windows that let light in, which helps to keep a good physiological sleep-wake rhythm. 
A smart TV, mini-bar, safe, WI-FI connection are additional services offered. The lounge is provided with a sofa-bed for relatives/carers staying with the patient.
Dedicated hospital staff are at your disposal at the Private Rooms Area to help patients and relatives/carers along the admission and hospitalization stages within the hospital. 

Long Life Formula Suites
The Long Life Formula Check-Up spaces are intended for those who wish to have custom programmes specially aimed at prevention and wellness. Each room is provided with a massage table and a small lounge with WI-FI connection and a smart TV.

Check Up

The CheckUp section will be online soon