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Pulmonary and Post-Covid Rehabilitation

Specific treatment pathway by rehabilitating patients suffering from chronic lung disease or post-covid complications. The primary objective is to help people achieve and maintain the highest level of independence and functionality possible. When a patient is admitted to the hospital, a multidisciplinary diagnosis is performed, based on which an individualized treatment plan is established, which may include the following treatments:
  • complete physical rehabilitation with gait training
  • respiratory gymnastics to restore physiological lung dynamics
  • physical activity for cardiorespiratory reconditioning
  • inhalation
  • intermittent positive pressure lung ventilation.
It is possible to undergo specific tests for the evaluation of respiratory capacity and to engage in respiratory re-education activities, including exercises designed to increase the disease-compromised lung capacity. After completing the rehabilitation pathway, the patient is monitored remotely via video consultation and/or scheduled follow-up visits.

The post-COVID rehabilitation service is aimed at all patients who have contracted the virus, whether they have previously been admitted as in-patients (and have been discharged for at least 30 days), or have undergone home-based treatment.   

At the out-patient clinic, the patient will undergo the following tests:
  • medical evaluation
  • blood gas tests
  • thoracic ultrasound, with particular attention to the condition of the lung and vena cava.

During the visit to the out-patient clinic, the patient's general health is also checked, paying particular attention to the patient's respiratory capacity and tolerability to the basic exercises indicated.  Based on the results of these evaluations, the doctor indicates a series of respiratory exercises, from basic to more advanced. Based on the level of difficulty, these activities can be carried out independently by the patient at their home, sometimes with the aid of specific equipment provided, where necessary, by the clinic itself, or at functional physiotherapy rehabilitation centres.

Orthopeadic Rehabilitation

Patients will find comprehensive rehabilitation programs, both inpatient and outpatient, led by experienced medical rehabilitation physicians and physiotherapy specialists. Recently renovated environments feature state-of-the-art equipment with artificial intelligence, ensuring patient-friendly rehabilitation. Facilities include private treatment rooms for patient privacy, a fully equipped gym for complete muscle and joint recovery, and a rehabilitation pool with adjustable heights for tailored exercises at each stage of recovery. Patients at the Functional Recovery and Rehabilitation Unit receive personalized care through multidisciplinary collaboration between orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists, and physiotherapy staff. An Individual Rehabilitation Project is developed for each patient, guiding them through the process with constant specialist support in treating a range of orthopedic pathologies, including acute injuries like sprains and bruises, chronic conditions such as nerve problems and tendonitis, and post-surgical rehabilitation following procedures like ligament reconstruction and joint replacement.

Cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation aims to facilitate the patient's return to normal daily activities following an acute or chronic cardiac event, ultimately enhancing their quality of life and prognosis. Through a thorough initial medical assessment, we tailor the rehabilitation process to meet the specific needs of each patient, considering any additional health conditions and overall well-being. Moreover, being situated within a specialized cardiovascular facility ensures early access to hospitalization and rehabilitation services after the acute event, ensuring utmost safety. The environment of the facilities is highly regenerating, the comfort of a luxury hotel service and the availability of further services make rehabilitation even more effective and stress free.

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Mazzone Marinella

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