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Please read this Cookie Policy carefully; it was drawn up in accordance with art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003, “Personal Data Protection Code”,  and in accordance with the Provision issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority of 8th May 2014 published in the Official Journal No. 126 of 3rd June 2014 which implemented Directive 2002/58/EC.

Cookies are small text-only strings of information that are transferred to your computer - generally stored in your browser- by websites that you visit. They are stored and then retransmitted the next time you visit the same websites. Besides cookies, other similar tools - web beacons/web bugs, clear GIFs or others- that allow recognising the user or computer are governed by this Provision.
While browsing a site, users’ computers may also receive cookies sent from other websites or web servers (‘third-party cookies’) that may contain some elements (such as images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of other domains) present in the site users are visiting.
There is generally a large amount of cookies present in users' browsers and some times these cookies can be lasting in time. Cookies are used for different purposes: IT authentication, session monitoring, storage of specific configuration information relating to users who access the server, and so on. For further information on cookies, please visit
In order to properly govern these elements, we have to clearly differentiate them because there are no technical characteristics by which you can tell one from the other only on the base of what those who use them aim to attain. On the other hand, that is the intention of the same law-maker who, to implement the provision of Directive 2009/136/EC, introduced the obligation to have users’ prior and informed consent on the installation of cookies for purposes other than those of a merely technical nature (consult art. 1, par. 5, a) of Italian Leg. Decree No. 69 of 28th May 2012 that modified art. 122 of the Code).

Further information on the cookies used in

Cookies may be set in your computer or any other device by this website you are visiting - ‘first-party cookies’- or by other websites who run content in this page - ‘third-party cookies’. You should be aware that you may not be able to use all our interactive features or functions if you have some cookies disabled. In order to decide which cookies to accept and which to refuse, find below the description of the cookies used in

Types of cookies, methods and purposes of the processing
Browser cookies These cookies guarantee that you can surf and use a website normally and permit linking the server and the user’s browser. These cookies help a website to work correctly and permit viewing the contents in the device being used. Without these cookies some functions requested, such as log-in to a website or creating a shopping cart for online shopping, may not be carried out. These are technical cookies and necessary for the website to function.
Functionality cookies These cookies are stored in computers or other devices that, depending on a user's request, remember the choices that user makes while browsing to help us provide an enhanced and personalised navigation experience within our pages or upon logging-in (for instance, recording of a password in reserved areas, products in the shopping cart to have the chance to retrieve them in the next session, saving the language selected, viewing a video or the chance to add a comment in a blog, and so on). Functionality cookies are not essential for the website to function but enhance the quality of the browsing experience.
Analytics cookies Analytics cookies collect information about how visitors use a website, such as which web pages are more frequently visited. This site uses third-party ‘Google Analytics’ cookies, a statistical survey service generated and managed by Google by means of which we can analyse, in an anonymous form, how visitors use our website. The information generated by these cookies on how visitors use the website 
(including the IP address) is transmitted to and stored at Google servers.
Useful addresses to best understand the Privacy Policy of Google Analytics: - -
Analytical cookies are not essential for the website to function.
Social Network Cookies These cookies allow the user’s social account to interact with this website and they are not essential for this website to function. The most common use of these cookies is to share the contents of the social networks. The presence of plug-ins means cookies are transmitted to and from all the websites managed by third parties. The management of the information collected by third parties is governed by the relevant regulations. Please consult said regulations. For total transparency and convenience, find below the webpage addresses for the various regulations and the different cookie management methods.
Facebook privacy policy:
Facebook (set up): Access your account. Privacy Policy.
Twitter privacy policy:
Twitter (set up):
Google+ privacy policy:
Google+ (set up):
Pinterest privacy policy:
Pinterest (set up):
YouTube privacy policy:
Cookies that provide interactive maps These cookies allow including customizable interactive maps within this site.  uses Google Maps to provide detailed information on where we are located (for further information, visit Google combined Privacy Policy that also includes information on Google Maps cookies).
This type of cookies is not essential for the website to function.

It is hereby stated that users can opt-in /out on the use of cookies present in the website (see detailed list in the ‘Types of cookies’ section below) also through the browser settings as instructed below. Users can also set the ‘private browsing’ mode by which they can surf the Net and no information on websites, pages visited, passwords entered or any other parameter information will be saved.

How to disable cookies

Warning: Please note that if you disable the use of all types of cookies on the website (technical ones included), you are likely to find your browsing experience significantly degraded or some functions may not be available at all.
Google In order to disable the use of analytics cookies so that Google Analytics cannot collect any navigation data, download the component available at this link:
If you want to disable the use of cookies via Google, visit the following page:
In order to disable the types of cookies used in this website directly via your browser Chrome
Internet Explorer
Firefox  How to switch on/off cookies

If you use a web browser not included in the list above, please refer to the documentation or online guide of such browser for further information.
Users are warned that the owner is just a technical intermediary for the links mentioned in this document and shall not be held responsible for any changes introduced.

Data controller

GVM S.p.A. is the data controller for the personal data processed following consultation of the site, in the person of their Legal Representative, with headquarters in Lugo (RA), Garibaldi 11.

Modifications to the Cookie Policy
This CookiePolicy can be updated and/or changed even in order to implement and/or comply with national, Community and international regulations or to adapt to technological innovations. The updates and/or changes that will be made to the Cookie Policy will be reported on this web page and made constantly visible so that the persons concerned can be fully informed on how cookies are used.

We recommend checking this page each time you visit the site 

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