International Patient Services

Organising a treatment aborad is a stressful task; that is why GVM's International Patients Department is at your service, to help you manage all phases of your healthcare journey.

After receiving the medical documents of a case, the International Patients Department, together with our doctors, will create the treatment plan and a detailed price quotation.

During the patients’ stay in our hospitals we remain by their side, answering any questions and solving any issues to make them feel at home.
Upon request we can also provide the following services to our patients:

Medical Visa

Our hospital assists patients with their medical visa applications from all over the world.  We prepare the letter of invitation as well helping to obtain residence permits so that they can continue their treatment at our hospitals.


We offer to provide transportion to and from our hospitals and throughout the town , including medical vehicles, according to patients' conditions. Other transportation options includes air ambulances that can fly from any point of the globe.

Special Diets

We can prepare meals according to our patient's special diets, including certified Halal, vegetarian, vegan, glutenfree, or other allergies or intolerances, or those suffering from health conditions like diabetes.

Translation of medical documents

Our translation agencies and interpreters can provide language services in each patient's language, including Arabic, Russian, French and German. Hospital staff and doctors understand and speak English.

Accommodation in Hotel/Residence

Our hospitals have agreements with the best and nearby hotels at an exclusive discounted rates so that our patients can be near their loved ones.
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GVM Partners

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