GVM Campus

GVM Campus

GVM Campus represents the GVM Care & Research training center created to promote the professional growth and updating of healthcare workers, and to transfer the quality and innovation of care into daily hospital activities. 

In close collaboration with the Group's clinical and teaching departments, training activities are provided in all GVM facilities as each hospital is equipped with at least one classroom for training. Maria Cecilia Hospital and San Carlo di Nancy Hospital in Rome are equipped with two large technologically cutting-edge training areas connected to the operating rooms for Life Surgery. 

GVM Campus is aligned with American Heart Association of Rome, Italy, and with the Translational Research Center of GVM. The main areas of research concern ischemic heart disease and pharmacological and imaging aspects, peripheral obliterating arterial diseases, neuropathies, electrophysiology and electrostimulation, cardiac surgery and diabetic foot. 

Medical training fellowships

In addition to the organization of frequent national and international conferences in various specialties, the GVM Campus organizes highly customizable training fellowships for doctors and healthcare personnel, individually or in small groups, with reference doctors from GVM's flagship specialties: cardiology, vascular surgery, neurosurgery and gamma knife, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, general surgery, robotic surgery, and more.

These fellowships last approximately at least 2 weeks, the student doctors follow the doctor day by day during his work and surgical interventions and participate in dedicated master classes.

The office also takes care of organizing the doctors' accommodation, meals and transport.

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