Cost coverage for EU Citizens From your national healthcare system 

Cost coverage for EU Citizens

As a resident of an EU country or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, your national healthcare system could cover your entire medical treatment in our hospitals in advance (Direct Coverage) or it could totally or partially refund the costs you incurred (Indirect Coverage).

Direct Coverage

Your country’s competent healthcare autority will pay directly the Italian State which will in turn pay our hospital for your medical services.
You will however still be subject to any co-payments, applicable to Italian patients, which will not be reimbursed by your country’s competent healthcare authority.
Travel expenses and accomodation outside the hospital may also be covered as well as the costs of an accompanying person, if medically justified. Please verify with your home country’s competent healthcare authority.
The treatment received will be subject to the same conditions as those applied to Italian citizens that access medical treatment under the Italian National Healthcare System (SSN).
You must obtain prior authorisation from your competent healthcare authority to benefit from Direct Coverage. Authorisation is granted only if the requested treatment is available under your country’s healthcare system but it cannot be provided in your home country within a medically justifiable time period, in light of your health status and the probable course of your illness.
The authorisation is granted by your competent healthcare authority which issues the S2 form, that you must submit to the healthcare authority (“ASL”) in Italy that is responsible for the area in which the hospital, where you have chosen to be treated, is located in.

Indirect Coverage

You will pay the cost of your treatment directly to our hospital and, subsequently, request a refund from the competent healthcare authority of your home country.
You will be reimbursed the cost that your home country’s healthcare service would have incurred, had the treatment been provided in its territory, without exceeding the actual costs of treatments received.
However, your home country may decide to reimburse the full cost of the cross-border treatment, even if it exceeds the costs it would have sustained had the services been provided in its territory, so please verify with your competent healthcare authority for the exact conditions.

Only treatments that are provided by your home country’s healthcare service can be refunded. Refunds are explicitly excluded for: nursing home assistance, organ transplants, public vaccinations.
Prior authorization may also be require by your home country if the treatment involves overnight hospital accommodation or requires the use of costly medical equipment.
If you request authorisation under the Indirect Coverage scheme but the conditions for Direct Coverage are met, your request will be authorised as the latter. However, if you prefer, you can still expressly the Indirect Coverage if you prefer to receive treatments as a private patient and not under the conditions imposed by the Italian Healthcare System.
After treatment keep your medical records, invoices and payment receipt because you will need to present them together with your refund request to the competent healthcare authority in your home country.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) Coverage

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) cannot be used to obtain reimbursements for planned treatments and covers only the medical services provided to you when temporarily located in Italy in situations of absolute necessity and urgency.

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